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Origins of Sacrificed Animals? The Purpose of Qurbani? Reincarnation

The true intent of ancient Judaic tale of mentioning about Sacrifice was sacrificing one's inflated ego but the plagiarized and copied texts from these tales into Quran has been taken literally and for past 1430 years Muslims out of sheer ignorance and innocence [with heartless intents] have been slaughtering  one poor animal per family. With millions or billions of Muslims as bragged by Muslims to inflate the numbers purposely to show off the great numbers of humans following this religion, even though it is the quality and not quantity which matters because a thousand spiritual's value is equal to one billion stupid blind followers of a faith about which their knowledge is literally zero for majority of Muslims have never ever read the book and majority do not understand the meaning of even 10 verses. Hence their foolish follow up of this tradition brings about extreme cruelty on millions of animals who are slaughtered to pacify for their sins? But whose sins are they anyway?

How can you wash any sins yours or others or your ascending generations with killing a poor animal??

If any Muslim can give me a satisfying answer he will be granted 55 houris and 200 boys so that they can satisfy his greed and insatiable desire.

I had to write an explanation to a well known poster on the new forums of

Mr. Iffo. I explained to Yeezevee and other posters the origin of animals that are sacrificed by Muslims literally millions of Goats, Sheeps, Cows and Camels are slaughtered in name of a Cruel violent God and for 1430 years over 10.000 million to 50.000 million animals may have been slaughtered.

However does anyone knows the origin of these animals and inquire from where these animals come?
What is written is absolutely accurate and as per a very elevated Spiritual Master who taught me from scratch the wheel of life and after undoing all of Islam's residuals it took almost two decades of learning to reach here. 

Once this universal truth can be made available to Muslim world, they can come to senses and this malignant practice of sacrificing animals can come to a halt.
This is not to offend anyone but to discuss and explain a fact of life. Muslims or others may have animals as feed but to sacrifice an animal just to please a malignant force is mental retardation. However let it be.

Because the ultimate truth is that all these animals are in real reincarnated beings who were Muslims and in majority of the cases a direct relation to the person who orders the execution. I have witnessed and seen documentary evidence of many cases and once this reality is made known to general public specially Muslims and others who sacrifice a primitive practice of killing animals and human beings for sacrifcing for their own sins, they will stop it.

Without any malice I had to write a response to Mr. Iffo who ridiculed this universal truth insulting the spiritual forces that run this world. Material world that is around us does not materialize out of a non reality but a local reality where only a partial reality is known while most is hidden and under the veil.
My master can see through this veil and can see the whole theater of life and through him I was able to finally find this fact with total satisfaction. Any views are welcome but please do not ridicule it is a serious subject.

I write to IFFO on another thread which I reproduce here to save you time.


by wakeupmuslim » Fri Nov 19, 2010 10:31 pm

iffo wrote:

wakeupmuslim wrote:

Eid entails a horrorific day for milions of goats and sheeps in Muslim countries same way Thanks Giving entails horror for millions of turkeys that are killed.

In this picture this animal is an ancestor of the boy surely. In majority of the cases people who order sacrificing an animal it is not out of random but it the animal is an associate spirit of one of their relatives from past who passed away and now came as animal to satisfy the insatiable urge to eat the flesh with the excuse that this is a sacrifice to make Allah happy.

Little do these people know that they are actually assassinating Allah that manifested as one of their relatives.

hahahahahha No wakeupmuslim there is Sadam Hussain's spirit in that goat ............. you are nuts. :*)

Please do not take it as a negative post nor as any thing to ridicule but it is a serious and genuine suggestion which you may ignore at your own peril.

Dear Iffo do not be scared. Within few years after living this life when your time will come and your not understanding the truth one of your descendents perhaps your Son or grand son or one of the descendents somewhere will buy a fat looking goat after a bargain and you will be that goat unfortunately

You will cry a lot and scream to fullest that you are IFFO and beg for forgiving you but they and their children will laugh and dance with joy at your screams and have great circus acts with you and ride on you, pull your ears, finger your eyes and torture you with all sorts of pins and you will be not listening to them but looking at the Kasaai [Slaughter man] who will be refining the edge of his blades and you will scream, sweat but your throat will become dry because it will be on your throat sooner or later.

At that moment you will remember these words and you will recall, cry and lament that why the hell did you follow this violent tradition. Then at that time of Qurbani [ Your sacrifice done to pacify Allah for your sins] you will repent and do tauba and will stop ridiculing THE truth and good people like here and then in one of your next lives you would probably reach the point where many other good people have reached in this life.

This is not to offend you but to teach you about a truth of which you have no knowledge. It took me 20 years to understand and sit in my masters feet to learn the secrets of life. It is time that you calm down and stop ridiculing people in time and that is now. Soon your time will be over and you will not have opportunity. These words may sound horrible but since your religion does not teach you anything but to ridicule and laugh at others while defending the violence and unethical conduct you may not get this idea.

Please do not take it as a negative post nor as any thing to ridicule but it is a serious and genuine suggestion which you may ignore at your own peril.

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