Monday, November 22, 2010

Is Islam a peaceful religion that teaches something good?

Islam is a religion of peace or Pieces of human flesh?  It is primary teaching is how to destroy all and everything that does not accept that Quran is the last word and prophet is the only spokesman of a cruel evil Allah. If you still follow this  stale religion you need some thinking.

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6 Responses for “Islam is Religion of Peace”

  1. Islamophobe says:
    Correction: Muhammadanism is the cult of hacked pieces.
  2. Ibn Kammuna says:
    I thought Islam is the religion of “piece” piece at a time…Not “Peace”..
  3. g-blade says:
    @ charles the hammer martel
    Spot on mate!
  4. chakram says:
    No..Islam is a religion of peace…but only peace that comes only after the whole world is slaughtered under its sword…It is a religion of graveyard peace.
  5. ronyvo says:
    chakram, Even if Muslims invaded the entire world (which of course is a stupid dream) they will fight each other. This is in their history. They are breast fed HATE, their pleasure is see blood of humans all over. They are not humans.
    I am at a great confusion, how is it that the civilized world did not see that as yet? This is the question which bugging me.

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