Thursday, November 4, 2010

Islam can never be reformed - If you are true Muslim learn, inquire and dig and you will see the reality of Islam

 I had misfortune of being born in a Muslim liberal family who most of them reformed and left the country and changed their destiny.
But majority of our people are neither informed nor able to do much because of constant and horrible threats from fundamentalists.

Know that inside the inner Muslim society of any country even if it is North Africa, South Asia, Africa or anywhere anyone protesting or inquiring or asking questions on any Islamic subject is a taboo and usually that person is isolated or laughed at and socially boycottted.

This fear and social persecution, plus the horrible Islamic mafia style control has kept majority of Muslims to get rid of the dead body that they are carrying on them.
The moment there is light and they can see that they were following a dead corpse and not a lively living force, they will all mutilate and destroy all Islamic symbols and there will be civil wars and Islam will be buried.

 Is it possible to reform islam?

Islam has nothing good nor any teachings that make sense.

We can only reform something that had a form.
Islam is a deformed and twisted reality which can never ever be reformed in any form.

The only form will be expose it and explain in plain words to all followers what it entails to be Muslim and how they are actually being punished in this life.

In my personal experience and hope I dont come back to it is that Islam has been a punishment for me for my all bad Karmas in past.

I repented, I did reform myself and I opened my inner eyes and FOUND MYSELF to be lying in a deadly graveyard called Islam wearing a dead old Arab Persian name. I woke up and discarded the dead corpse thrown on me and I ran.

Islam is a deformed dead movement that was long dead and it is embalmed to keep alive by blood of its followers.

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Tired of having to fast for the sake of family and community?
Fed up of saying prayers because it's expected?
Sick of silly rules, regulations, weird hadiths?
Had enough of being bullied, or even threatened, to be a good Muslim?

Having doubts about whether the Quran is really god's word?

You are not alone! There are many others like you.

Come and join us, at the Council Of Ex-Muslims Internet discussion forum.

You will be welcomed, and can share your story, with people who understand.

You can chat, vent, ask questions, or just, relax.

And of course, you can keep your identity secret.

Council of Ex-Muslims forum
A place where Ex-Muslims, and our allies, including people who have never been Muslim, liberal, progressive and unorthodox Muslims, and those Muslims who are having doubts, have questions or are thinking of leaving Islam hang out on the 'net.
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