Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why some pre-1947 Indian Muslims demanded separate land for Muslims

Since early 700s when the "peace prince" destroyed the land of Sindh systematically in collusion with the a few treacherous locals who sold themselves for few coins, and killed a prosperous and ancient culture and civilization, the "peace" loving Muslims have killed millions of Indians from North to South and East to West. Afghanistan was most ancient Hindu land which was attacked constantly to weaken it and finally majority of locals converted to Islam while their brothers who resisted till last continue to live with their original identity in India because few left in Pakistan and Afghanistan can not live under the constant onslaught of Islamists.

For 1200 years Indians were enslaved, looted and raped in their own lands and todays Muslims 99.9% of them, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India are descendents of those enslaved and forcibly converted to following Islam out of fear and saving their lives and property.

What a pity that todays Muslim of South Asia is pitted against their own long lost brothers and sisters who were able to save themselves and defend against the marauders swords. All violence, loot, pillage and destruction happened in name of Allah and Mohammad and still the joke is that so called "al Hindi" as known to Arabs, continue to fight among themselves, killing and destroying their own culture and ancient heritage.

What has Islam has given to India so far? India here means most South Asia that includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and of course India where there are over 200 million people having to live under the curse of Islam.

The Muslims so called leaders knew that once the British leave after about 100 years of rule, they will be targeted for 1200 years of loot and pillage and it will be harder to continue their agenda of keep the locals fight among themselves to continue their loot and rule by the sword using the name of Allah and its false prophet. So they demanded separate land to continue their subjugation of existing converted to rule them and use them to continue their pillage of other Indians who were not interested in conversion.

That is why you will never find any real history nor facts in any book, here the books or text books of Pakistan or Bangladesh.
Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have been fed with false facts and figures and give them a false impression that "MUSLIMS" were born to rule Hindus.
It is because the real purpose of Islamists is to plunder, marry or "use" many women and destroy civil societies under false pretexts. That is why Muslim empire's agents continue to harbour al qaida, taleban and thousands of so called charities which are nothing but fronts to control, create fear and kill the freedom loving civil societies.
The biggest joke is that current Muslims of South Asia continue to THINK THEMSELVES as "MUSLIMS" which they are not. Just because our earlier generations adapted a dead arabs name and were forced to convert to Islam we do not become Muslims.

This cover of being Muslim is false label and must be discarded. Awake and awaken others how in name of a false islam and false prophet the violence and rape continues.

The world itself is under danger. Today Pakistani agents of Islams are behind every single episode of terror around the world. We must stop these dark forces or die as fodder or raw material in their vicious blood thirsty campaign that started in India in early 700s.

WAKE UP Muslim of India Pakistan Bangladesh. Muslims of India are not Muslims at all. This is a farce and must stop now.

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