Sunday, October 3, 2010

Unintended consequences of Verses that you may chant may do extreme damage to you

Most Verses that you chant may actually bring you down and destroy your life for first know what is their meaning and what is it they say in Arabic and what is their real intent. Most innocent people continue using these surahs and ayats to chant whole day or meditate upon without knowing the unintended consequences.

If you really dig into the verses that you think may change your luck or bad times you may be actually living in a fools paradise. Instead of working harder or knowing the reality or communicating to the real God, you use these mindless Arabic ayats and surahs etc but in most cases they are binding a spell on you yourself causing you damage and causing a perpetual spell of bad energy and darkness around you and your environment.

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  1. Just found your link from faithfreedom discussions.
    I agree with last blog post.